Monday 13 November 2017

Quick Beauty Fixes for Skin Emergencies

On mornings when you've hit the snooze button one too many times or you've been spontaneously invited out to after work drinks with your colleagues, these four beauty products will have your back in your biggest skin emergency. 


When you're an oily mess (which is all the time for me), the quickest and most effective way to banish shine is by blotting your skin with a face powder. I've been liking this translucent powder by Revlon lately because it has a fine, silky texture that looks smooth on the skin without the added cakiness. It also doesn't settle into fine lines, it feels ultra lightweight on the skin and it comes with a mirror for easy touching up on the go. I don't leave the house without any sort of face powder in my handbag because it is such a quick fix to keep shine at bay. 


Whether my lips are dry or not, applying lip balm is a subconscious activity for me and I'm fairly certain I have four different ones in my handbag right now. EOS has a 'Sweet Mint' flavoured lip balm that I cannot get enough of, and because it's formulated with vitamin E, shea and jojoba oil it is super nourishing on the lips. Whenever my lips are feeling chapped or dry, this soothes and hydrates them amazingly well (especially in Winter!) and the flavours are SO yummy which is a bonus!


A quick fix to brighten up the under eyes after a late night is this eye serum that I am very fond of. It's lightweight in consistency and has tiny shimmery particles that immediately brighten the under eyes, and also helps to smooth any fine lines you may have which makes for a fantastic base for your concealer. Because it's not a heavy or rich eye product, I feel it would best suit anyone in their early to late twenties and although it is on the pricey side, it is totally worth the money. 


Discolourlation, breakouts or dark under eye circles, concealer is your go-to in your biggest skin emergencies. It is a definite must-have in my makeup bag, because nothing does a good a job of  instantly disguising under eye bags and nasty zits than a heavy duty concealer. The formula isn't too thick or thin, it blends easily into the skin for a seamless finish and the coverage is quite good. If you own a concealer that you're utterly obsessed with, never part with it because it will be there for you when your skin has completely betrayed you.

What products do you use in your beauty emergencies?


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