Friday 24 November 2017

French Beauty Products I'm Currently Obsessed With

If you didn't know this about me already, I adore French beauty. Like caps lock, bold, underline, adore. They just really seem to know their stuff and I'm a big fan of the chic Parisian makeup looks. I think it's safe to say, I'm obsessed with everything French related. So today I'm bringing you four lovely products that I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment and I am beyond excited to share them with you.


I reviewed this on the blog a while ago (you can find it here) and long story short, it is absolutely amazing! It's oil-free, has a matte but not flat finish, covers all of my imperfections beautifully, it's waterproof and transfer-resistant, and it feels ultra comfortable on the skin. Doesn't that just sound like the ultimate foundation?! I cannot fault it in any way - it's truly perfection in a bottle. Every single time I wear it, I am blown away all over again. I can officially call this my holy grail so if you were to splurge on one makeup item, make it this foundation! 


First of all, how pretty is the packaging? The pale metallic gold gives it a really sleek and expensive look considering it's a drugstore brand. 'Beige A Nu' is a super wearable pink toned nude with a creamy consistency and moisturising finish. It has great colour pay off but for day time, I like to lightly dab it onto my lips for a softer look and it just adds a subtle hint of colour. L'Oreal are one of my favourite affordable brands and a lot of the time, the quality of their products are just on point.


Guerlain really know how to make the dreamiest products and I find it so hard to resist purchasing everything they stock! I fell in love with the packaging because it's so unique and straight up stunning, but the powder itself is just the loveliest. Dusting these gorgeous illuminating pearls over the skin will instantly brighten the complexion and they smell heavenly (like violets!). It sets your base nicely for a smooth finish with a subtle glow and it is honestly such a joy to use! The tin is beautifully designed and elegant - it really is one of those products that are almost too pretty too use. This is definitely a treat yourself item, and if you love a good luxurious powder then this is for you.   


The ultimate struggle with someone who has fine hair is achieving volume and I have searched the aisles but nothing ever hit the brief for me. That was until I came across this guy and my whole life changed (full review here). It is unlike any hair product I have ever used - it's pretty much a thick, rose scented, gritty paste that you massage into wet hair which lathers up just like a shampoo. The results are incredible and although it is on the pricey side, it is very much worth every cent! Gone are the days of flat, limp hair when I use this and I'd love to get my hands on more of his products because I am mighty impressed by this one! 

Do you have a favourite French brand?
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