Friday 11 August 2017

Confidence Boosting Beauty

There are many ways to boost your self-confidence (like exercising and giving yourself a well-deserved pamper), but for me the simplest and fastest way to do that is by wearing beauty products that help to make me look great on the outside. Because let's be real, we don't always feel good about ourselves, so here are some favourites of mine that never fail to improve my self-esteem.


This is the only face product by the brand I have tried and I am pretty impressed! The texture is very silky soft and it definitely does provide good coverage, which is exactly what I need when my skin isn't being kind to me. Because of the serum formula, I've found that the coverage can be built up quite easily without it looking too heavy or mask-like and it doesn't settle into my smile lines at all which is fantastic. I really like the soft matte finish of this foundation and the way it gives my skin a more youthful appearance. 


There's nothing like a good lippie to boost your confidence and sometimes that is all it takes. For a lip sheer, this is actually very nicely pigmented and the shade 'Pluto' is a gorgeous brown with a red undertone. It's such an effortless colour to wear at any time of the day/night and it looks utterly beautiful on the lips.


Whenever I spritz this perfume, it elevates my confidence level and I am ready to take on the day. There's just something about this fragrance that is so uplifting and makes me feel hella good about myself, which goes to show how much a single scent can alter your mood. It's a very feminine scent with sweet and floral notes that is 100% me. This would make a great addition to your perfume tray and how pretty is the bottle?!.


I have rediscovered my love for this palette while I was going through my makeup drawers and I forgot how amazing this product actually is! All four of these shades are a pale girl's dream in a single palette and the quality is incredible for the price. These creamy powders give your skin that soft focus luminosity without the sparkle and I am obsessed all over again! If you adore the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette's or you simply cannot justify a purchase with such a hefty price tag (neither can I!), then this is a definite must-have in your makeup collection.


The formulation of this range isn't my favourite if I'm honest with you - it chips quite quickly and I don't notice any nourishing effects from the argan oil. However, it does apply very smoothly and I just LOVE the shade 'Ohm My Magenta' as it gives me that little pick me up the same way a bold red lip does. 

What do you do to boost your confidence?

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