Friday 18 August 2017

3 Makeup Products That Are Still Exciting To Use

It's jump up and down exciting when your favourite brand just launches a shiny new product, and you cannot wait to play with it. But often after a while, the thrill of using them fades away and we move onto the next exciting product. As a beauty blogger, I'm guilty of unintentionally neglecting products simply because I'm always trying new ones, but there are a few that I still find to be an absolute pleasure to use.


This limited edition beauty holds five soft focus illuminating powders that is almost tailored to lighter skin tones which is a big win for me! Not only is the packaging just the sweetest but the overall quality of the powders are exactly what you would expect from Hourglass; they are soft, blendable and make your skin glow without looking over-the-top. I like to swirl my brush into 'Surreal Effect' and 'Surreal Glow' to give my cheeks a pale pink-peach hue that immediately livens up my complexion. This is what I call a perfect palette and it is very well worth the money.


I'm sure I am not the only one who still stores their most cherished makeup products in the original box because for me, this palette is one of them and I am not even remotely ashamed of it! The two-toned mirrored packaging is very pretty and there's something just so satisfying when a product magnetizes shut. 'Spirit' contains 12 of Stila's most iconic shades, including the cult favourite - 'Kitten'. There are a great variety of lights, darks, shimmers and mattes in this palette which makes it so versatile for creating any look you desire for day or night. You can tell a lot of effort and thought was put into this palette, and the Leonardo da Vinci quote on the protective sheet adds a really special touch. 


I assure you, this powder is just as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside and they really know how to create such dreamy packaging! When you open the lid, you are welcomed with a beautiful scent of violets and it just gets me so excited to use this powder every time. 'Clair' is perfect for anyone with a fair skin tone and the mix of colourful illuminating pearls helps to even out your complexion as well as brighten. It's not a shimmery powder whatsoever - it just gives you skin that glow from within and it also adds a nice soft focus effect. This is one of those face powders that are almost too pretty to use and if you're looking to treat yourself, I think this one is worth looking into.

What makeup products still excite you?

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