Monday 7 August 2017

Brand Focus | L'Oreal Paris

My love for L'Oreal as a whole is pretty strong; their range of skin care, hair care and makeup never fail to impress me which just shows how much effort and thought goes into each of their products. As you would've guessed by the title, this month's brand focus is all about L'Oreal and five of some of my much loved beauty products. 


For a while I was non-stop wearing this range of polishes on my nails because not only are they loaded with pigment, but they actually last just as long as the gel formulas (you can read my full review here). 'Dimanche Apr├Ęs-Midi' is a very feminine and romantic pale pink shade that I can see myself wearing a lot come springtime. They apply so smoothly over the nails with a high-shine finish which I'd say is due the blend of oils in the formula. These nail colours are just beautiful and the bottles are gorgeous!


The texture of 'Rose Glow' is incredibly soft and the three shades swirled together gives your skin the most subtle yet stunning champagne-pink radiance. I love sweeping this powder on the high points of my face on my minimal makeup days and it instantly livens up my complexion. I also really like 'Golden Glow' for when I'm wanting to add some warmth and it leaves a nice sheen without looking too shimmery. 


Out of the three masks in the range, I have been using the 'Detoxifying & Brightening Charcoal Mask' the most during Winter when my skin is looking a bit lackluster. It really helps to draw out impurities and purify the skin so it's great for anyone who has troublesome skin. I'm always left with a refreshed, smooth and brighter complexion after using these masks so I highly recommend them.


I'm not all about those perfectly defined brows (you know the ones you see all over Instagram) which is why I love this particular brow product. It is super quick and easy to use - you simply lightly fill in your brows with the powder to cream crayon and blend it out with the little brush on the other end. It makes your brows look fuller, more natural and it's so effortless. I have the shade 'Cool Brunette' which isn't a shade I typically go for being blonde and all, but I'm kind of digging the whole cool toned dark brows, especially in Winter!


When a makeup product smells absolutely amazing, it just makes it that much more exciting to apply which is one of the many reasons why I love their Colour Riche lipsticks. 'Beige A Nu' is a beautiful wearable nude that is incredibly creamy and moisturising with its Vitamin E enriched formula. It's a fantastic lipstick to carry in your emergency makeup bag for those spontaneous occasions, because you can never go wrong with a timeless nude lippie. 

What are your favourites by L'Oreal?

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