Monday 29 May 2017

Winter Beauty Prep

The leaves have fallen and Winter is slowly approaching which means it's time to whip out those warm, cozy knits and start preparing all things beauty for this chilly season.


Our skin tends to become quite lackluster with the cold Winter air sucking the life out of it. The good news is that an illuminating primer will instantly bring your skin back to life revealing a bright, glowy complexion. There are two things I really like about the Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer; one being it's hydrating and two, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin which is a big win for anyone with an oily skin type. 


I get lazy with serums in the warmer months but come Winter and I am soaking my face in them! If there is one serum I would recommend purchasing right this minute, it would hands down be the cult favourite Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It contains lavender and evening primrose to repair, soothe and brighten the skin by morning (you read right, by morning). It absorbs into the skin beautifully without leaving any residue behind and it has become an essential product in my nighttime skincare routine.


Deep tones like Essie's Merino Cool (purple-grey) are literally all I wear on my nails throughout the entire season. It's not too daring of a shade, it looks super chic and it'll go nicely with any outfit. If you're not a dark polish kinda gal, you can always opt for a crisp white or pale grey to get you into the spirit of Winter. 


Black Opium is my ultimate nighttime fragrance all year round but it is very well-loved in the cooler months as well. For me it has this amazing balance of sweet, musk, spice and floral notes that lasts all day long and it isn't too overpowering. It's sexy, sophisticated, dark, mysterious but warm all at the same time. Definitely have a whiff of this one because it's truly lovely!


My legs are sensitive to shaving so they can get quite irritated and dry (more so in Winter!) which is where Lush's Dream Cream comes to the rescue. It's formulated with cocoa butter, chamomile and oat milk to soothe and nourish the skin. I generously slather this stuff all over my legs and it does absolute wonders, so I can totally see why it's one of their best sellers. 


'Marvelous 'Mauve' from Sephora's own Cream Lip Stain line gives me serious Winter vibes, and it's a lot more wearable compared to your traditional vampy berry and burgundy shades. The mousse-like consistency feels so lightweight yet creamy and it applies evenly without it looking patchy or streaky. For a matte finish it doesn't feel overly drying, but I always apply a lip balm beforehand anyway and the pigmentation is just incredible. Once it is on your lips, it will not budge so if long lasting is what you're after then these are it!

How do you prep for the Winter season?

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