Monday 15 May 2017

Travel-Friendly Palettes

What makes the perfect travel-friendly makeup palette? For me it has to be something of fantastic quality with variety and something very versatile. I went digging through my stash and picked out a bunch of palettes that would make great travel companions, so no matter the outfit or occasion these five will have your back.


These palettes hold six eyeshadow shades as well as a blush, highlighter and bronzer which is very convenient. Finding a drugstore palette that ticks all the boxes (good colour pay off and blendable formula) are hard to come by, but I was pleasantly surprised by these Go-To Palettes. 'Wanderlust' is right up my alley with those gorgeous shimmery neutrals and that deep plum-brown that gives me serious Autumn vibes. 'Bon Voyage' has this striking emerald green that would make the brownest of eyes pop, and you can even dip your brush into the face shades and use them on the eyes for a softer look. Both palettes are equally amazing in quality and they blend like a dream across the eyes so they never look patchy. They are a really great multi-tasking product to carry in your travel makeup bag.


A super versatile palette where you can mix and match the shades to create a custom blush that suits you. They are very soft in texture and apply nicely over the skin for a lovely flush to the cheeks. These shades are quite pigmented so dip your brush in ever so lightly to avoid looking like a clown. But if you do get a little carried away (just like I did!), you can easily blend it out. The packaging is on point - loving the matte black finish and the large mirror. It's definitely great value for money.


If you love a good glow (who doesn't?!) then you NEED this stunning palette in your life. What I like about it is the variety of colours, formulas and of course the outstanding pigmentation. 'Hemisphere' (icy purple) and 'Equinox' (vibrant shimmery orange) are baked powders that feel incredibly silky and will make those cheekbones pop. 'Subsolar' (pale yellow) is a lot more subdued but still provides a nice shimmery glow to the skin. And 'Ecliptic' has a cream formula which is perfect for using as a base to intensify the glow factor. You have all the highlighters you need in this one palette and they look so flattering on the skin. It's truly a must-have for travelling because it's so versatile and will complement any makeup look.


This pretty little thing is inspired by Tarte's best-selling Tartelette palette with six beautiful limited edition shades, that can be used to create a sweet day time look or a smoldering nighttime look. You've got four mattes and two shimmers that are an absolute pleasure to apply across the lids, and I just love the subtle cocoa scent! It's so cute and pocket sized, it will take no room at all in your travel makeup bag and it's simply perfect for use on-the-go as well. 

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