Friday 12 May 2017

3 Face Masks for 6 Skin Concerns

As you may have gathered from the photo, the face masks that I speak of are the one and only Pure Clay Masks by L'Oreal. In case you haven't seen these floating around the Internet, there are three multi-tasking masks in the range that target specific skin concerns with the use of different clays. Here is an in-depth look at what these are all about and if they're a must-have in your beauty regimen.

Each mask contains three pure clays (kaolin, ghassoul and montmorillonite) plus an additional ingredient to combat either oily, dull and textured skin.


Any skincare product that contains charcoal I am immediately drawn to simply because it does wonders for my oily skin! The texture of this particular mask is very smooth and creamy, so it spreads easily over the skin and only takes moments to start feeling it working its magic. Ten minutes is all you need to reveal a clearer and more radiant complexion that feels instantly softer. It does a wonderful job at drawing out impurities without drying out your skin and leaving it feeling uncomfortably tight. The results are amazing, especially with continued use and I can definitely see why it's a big hit within the beauty community.


Because I have such problematic skin that's prone to breakouts and blackheads, I'm always dealing with uneven texture which is when this mask comes to my rescue. I like to apply this all over and concentrate exfoliating in a circular motion on my problem areas like my cheeks, nose and chin. The consistency is much thicker than the previous mask, and the exfoliating granules aren't too gritty so it's not harsh on the skin at all. My pores slightly shrink and my skin feels incredibly smooth after use. It gently buffs away imperfections and all that dead skin that has accumulated over time. I love the fact that it doubles as both a mask and a scrub and I really like the earthy scent this has as well. 


I use this one a fair bit (at least twice a week), because it actually does what it claims to do and that is mattify. After I've applied this over my t-zone and rinsed it off, my skin is matte as matte can be (without over drying) and produces less oil throughout the day which makes me a very happy gal. I can honestly tell you, I haven't used an oil absorbing face mask that has worked as well as this one which is saying a lot! If you have an oily skin type and you're on the market for an affordable face mask that reduces shine, I highly recommend getting your mitts on this one. 

These masks have made their way into my cleansing routine and really do improve my overall look and feel of my skin. You can use them alone or all three at once to target certain areas for a radiant, clear and smooth complexion. I think these are an absolute must-buy and I strongly urge you to give them a go.

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