Wednesday 19 October 2016

My Go-To Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes have made life so much easier in terms of makeup application. So if I could pick any makeup brushes, these 5 would be the lucky winners. 

The Rounded Powder Brush was part of a 12 pc brush set by BH Cosmetics and what I like about it is that it's so large and fluffy, I can pretty much powder my entire face in a heartbeat. All of their brushes are very affordable but not of poor quality, so they don't shed while you're using them or cleaning them. They're also quite sturdy and don't feel cheaply made so if you're on the hunt for makeup brushes or brush sets that don't break the bank, these are a fantastic option! 

I have so much love for Real Techniques brushes, especially their Blush Brush that I use 99% of the time. The bristles are incredibly soft and it blends in your powder blush nicely. I think it's the perfect size and I like that it has a slight tapered tip for precise application along the cheeks. This could also work wonderfully as a bronzer brush, so it's very multi-purpose which is one of the reasons why I just love their makeup brushes.

I own a few of Zoeva's brushes but one that I use the most is the 102 Silk Finish. This foundation brush is quite dense but equally as soft as the blush brush, and also made with Taklon bristles (more hygienic and less absorbent of liquid/cream products). It has a nice weighted feel to it so you know it's of high quality. This brush always applies my foundations seamlessly and streak-free, which is also why I like to carry this particular brush in my makeup bag at all times - it's just reliable and leaves my base looking flawless every time.

Another Real Techniques favourite of mine is the Expert Face Brush that is slightly flatter and smaller in shape, which helps to get around those tricky areas of your face (nose and eyes) with ease. Again, it blends my cream/liquid products so beautifully into my skin and gives me a nice smooth base to work with. Most of their brushes have a flat end to the handle which is a convenient little feature, so they stand nicely on their own and you can arrange them neatly on your vanity. 

A brush that I love using 2 ways is the Smudge Brush from the same 12 pc set by BH Cosmetics. It's a great eyeliner/eyeshadow smudger for creating a smokey eye and because it has a pointed tip, it's also amazing for spot concealing over blemishes. The bristles are synthetic so it works well extremely with powder and cream products. Great value for money and they last a good while, which means there's no need to have to consistently purchase new brushes.


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