Monday 24 October 2016

Bedside Beauty

While I do keep most of my beauty products in the bathroom, the last few steps of my morning and evening skincare routines tend to take place at my bedside table. So here are a couple of my beauty staples that I like to keep on hand for the AM and PM.

I never really remember to use hand cream in the morning or during the day for that matter, but when it comes to bedtime it's like clockwork. Mecca Cosmetica's Transforming Hand Cream leaves my hands feeling incredibly silky and soft - it's very luxurious in texture but it never feels heavy or greasy on the skin. The sweet floral scent is just beautiful and it really does feel like cashmere! 

Before I head out the door to go about my day, I always spritz some perfume. 'Bon Bon' by Viktor & Rolf has been a long time favourite of mine and the lolly shaped bottle is just the cutest! This fragrance is very sweet (just like candy) as the top notes are caramel and peach. The scent can be overwhelmingly sweet to some so it's definitely not for everyone. I personally love it and it also lasts all day on my skin without having to constantly re-apply. It is on the pricey side but I think it's worth it, so I definitely recommend having a little whiff of this one.    

One thing that helps to make me look bright and wide awake in the morning is the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. It contains coffee beans, ginseng and magnolia which smells really lovely and it can be applied as required throughout the day as well. Great for travelling long distance or if you've had a long night and needing a bit of depuffing with a boost of radiance under the eyes. 

Hurraw's Moon Balm is so rich and creamy which makes it absolutely perfect for an overnight treatment. It is full of wonderfully organic ingredients such as avocado, argan, vanilla, rosehip and chamomile that are very high in moisturising properties. It stays put all night working its magic and I'm always left with extremely soft and nourished lips when I wake. 

What beauty products do you keep on your bedside table?

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