Tuesday 5 April 2016

Nude Lips For Fair Skin

Having fair skin myself, it can be hard finding the right shades of nude that don't completely wash me out or make my lips look invisible. These 5 lipstick shades are what really suit my skin tone and give me the perfect nude lips. So I hope you find this post helpful in finding the perfect nude for you!

First up is Essence's Barely There! From the Longlasting Lipstick line. This shade is more of a deeper nude brown and the colour pay off is amazing for a drugstore lipstick. It does last a decent amount of time before you need to reapply so they've definitely got that right! The texture of the product itself is creamy and very comfortable to wear on the lips. It has a little 'e' embossed into the bullet which I think is really cute and I like that the lid clicks shut so you know it's secure. Essence have a pretty great range of nude lipsticks so I absolutely recommend them, and you just can't go wrong for the price!

I was on the search for a good quality nude lipstick that suited fair-light skin tones and everything was coming up Olivia by Stila from the Color Balm Lipstick range. It is one of my favourite lipsticks that I own and the quality is incredible. One swipe gives you rich, intense colour and it's very creamy in texture with a satin finish. It's infused with peppermint oil which provides you with a cooling, tingling feel to the lips.

Minimalism by NYX from the Creamy Round Lipstick range is a beautiful pinky-nude shade that looks amazing on the lips. It's very nourishing on the lips and the colour pay off is fantastic! The consistency is quite thin but it glides on like butter and it doesn't feather either which is great. I'd say because it is so moisturising and thin in texture, the staying power isn't the best. However, I don't mind having to touch up every now and again. As much as I adore this shade and the quality of this lipstick, I still cannot get passed that soapy taste. 

Left to right: Barely There!, Olivia, Minimalism, Iced Almond, 45.

I've never owned a lip product by Face Of Australia and Iced Almond really caught my eye. It is from the Lip Quench line and it contains an SPF of 30 to protect your lips from the sun's harsh UV rays. It's also filled with lovely ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to provide your lips with moisture and hydration. This shade is more of a true nude, but a touch deeper so it doesn't clash with my fair skin. I love that it's infused with a Vanilla scent and it's not too overpowering, it is just a subtle hint of sweetness.

The Kate Moss Lasting Finish Nude Collection by Rimmel have 5 gorgeous nude shades of lipstick but 45 really stood out to me. It's not too brown or too pink, it's the perfect in between and it sells out quite fast! The formula is nice and creamy but not very long lasting as the name suggests. It isn't the most pigmented out of the 5 lipsticks I've mentioned but it still looks amazing against my fair skin. Perfect for every day wear and leaves a lovely satin finish to the lips. 

What's your go-to nude lipstick?


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