Thursday 14 April 2016

Best eBay Finds

I love to shop on eBay. It is the place to go when I'm feeling curious about what's out there and you come across some pretty great finds! Some items on eBay can be a bit of a hit and miss situation, but today I have 5 hits that I'm excited to share with you!  

The ever so popular Demi Wispies false eyelashes by Ardell are in almost everyone's makeup stash because they are just perfection! I found a 5 pair of false eyelashes that are almost identical in volume and length for only $1! The lash band is clear which I tend to go for in false lashes and they are surprisingly very soft. If you prefer your falsies to be the perfect in between of natural and dramatic, then these are for you. I think the quality is fantastic for the price you are paying and I definitely recommend them! Also a great money saver, especially if you're someone who wears false lashes often.

A jewelry tree is not only practical, it looks great on your dressing table as well! It comes in 2 pieces so all you do is fit the tree into the stand and it's ready for use. It's actually pretty sturdy and I like that it's not just a stand, it can also be used for holding little bits and pieces too. The branches hold all kinds of jewelry and accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets and even watches. I have also seen them in green, magenta and purple, great for adding a pop of colour to your room. It was below $5 in price so that was a bargain and how cute is that bird sitting on the branch?!

The long lasting lip glosses absolutely blew me away with how long lasting they actually are! When I swatched them, I tried to rub them off with my finger but they literally would not budge. Regular makeup remover wouldn't even remove it, I had to bring out the oil based makeup remover. They do feel a bit drying on the lips as they pretty much are a liquid matte lipstick, but all I do is apply a lip balm and problem solved! I can't even believe that these lip products are under $2 each with such high colour pay off and incredible staying power! These are waterproof and smudge proof so if you want a lipstick that will truly last you all the way through dinner and drinks, definitely take a look at these. There are over 30 shades to choose from so you're bound to find a shade to suit you. These are by far the best purchases I have made on eBay thus far!  

Left to right: #13, #18, #16

The marble look is very on trend and I am in love with these marble sunglasses! They have a marble finish frame with white and gold detailing, as well as mirrored lenses. These actually look and feel more expensive than they actually are. They don't feel cheaply made like they are going to fall apart in your hands. Pleasantly surprised by the quality considering they were under $5 which is an absolute steal! 

I was looking for a simple cosmetic bag that would hold a decent amount of makeup for travelling, and I came across a cute one that was only around the 3 dollar mark. It's made from a canvas material with a zipper and little finches all over. It is 27cm x 21cm so it's a great size for holding small eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, blushes, pretty much the lot! It is exactly what I was looking for and the quality is great for the price I payed!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!


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