Saturday 25 May 2019

In The Spotlight | A-Beauty

You've heard of K-beauty (they took the world by storm with their complexion perfecting products), but what about A-beauty? Australian brands have stolen the spotlight and they focus on simple formulas, natural ingredients and sustainability. 


This jar of Cocoa Butter smelling goodness is like a pampering treat for my skin that works its magic while I sleep. The Ribose infused formula feeds the skin to combat premature aging by visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while Macadamia and Hibiscus work to naturally plump and improve skin elasticity. Every time I use this, I wake up with the most soft and hydrated skin that feels like a baby's bum. This night cream is absolutely beautiful and it's precisely what my (almost) 30-year-old skin needs to keep me looking as youthful as possible. 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly products and Sukin also aid in the restoration of the Great Barrier Reef so they are definitely a brand to get behind.


It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I found that Lipstick Queen is in fact by our very own Poppy King (I've obviously been under a rock). The lipstick itself is emerald green in colour and your first question may be, why on earth would I want Wicked Witch of the West lips? Well, the magic is in the formula with its colour adapting properties that transforms to a flattering shade of pink depending on your pH levels. On my lips it's a gorgeous rosy mauve tint that looks so natural and I love the glossy, lip balm texture which is all thanks to the moisturising ingredients of Vitamin E and Shea Butter.


Created by Jessica Hart (the quintessential Aussie beauty and model), Luma celebrates uniqueness by embracing your flaws and enhancing your natural beauty. Their skin loving range contains naturally sourced ingredients such as crushed pearl powder, ethically sourced Mica, Jojoba Oil and Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate hydration. This multi-tasking primer adds a lit-from-within glow that I like to mix through my foundation/moisturiser or sunscreen for a luminous boost. Both Vitamins A and E protect and keep my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, and it's perfect for Winter when your complexion is looking lackluster. Another point worth mentioning is they never test on animals.       


This tiny bottle is absolutely jam-packed with a blend of vitamins, antioxidants and superfoods like Cranberry, Blackberry and Squalene for just about ALL of your skin concerns like age spots, scarring, sun damage and dryness. Some serums can be too rich and heavy for my oily skin which then results in clogged pores and breakouts (not ideal), but this one leaves my complexion looking radiant and youthful without the fear of becoming a total hot mess. It truly is a lovely serum and I can see why it's one of their best sellers. Botani's range are organic certified, eco friendly and what you see on the label is exactly what you get with no hidden nasties like artificial colours and synthetic fragrances.


The shade 'Rose' has three neutral colours for a soft and subtle eye look. They aren't very opaque which can be a positive or negative depending on what you want in an eyeshadow, but for everyday wear I think they do the job of adding definition and a light wash of colour to the eyes. You'll find a few Australian native ingredients infused in this palette like Desert Lime, Kakadu Plum and Quandong that are all rich in antioxidants. Sandalwood and Sweet Almond Oil provide the skin with Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as nourishment and moisturisation. The powders are super soft and silky in texture and overall a nice little trio for anyone who aren't eyeshadow people, but still want something across the eyes. Nude by Nature only use 100% natural ingredients in their cosmetics (see my lip collection here), so you can look fabulous without putting your precious skin at risk of harmful and toxic ingredients.


My search for the crème de la crème of face sunscreen has finally come to an end when I discovered this and it 100% deserves its holy grail status. It's lightweight, non greasy and hydrating with a matte finish but the best part, it doesn't leave you with that hideous white cast. It's made with Hyaluronic Acid which is the ultimate secret to plump skin, Pomegranate Extract to fight the signs of aging and lastly Vitamin E to strengthen the skins natural barrier. I love that it can be worn under makeup without disturbing it so I can protect my sunburn prone skin whilst having a flawless base. It's the tiniest bit tinted but not in an unflattering orange way and it doesn't clog my pores or cause breakouts like other sunscreens can. A must-have in my skincare kit and a constant repurchase. 


What are your favourite A-beauty brands?


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