Saturday 4 May 2019

On My Radar This Autumn

With the change in seasons also comes a change in my beauty routines from lightweight, mattifying bases to layers of hydration and autumnal makeup essentials. On my radar are new skincare bits I've been trialling and an old friend of mine that I have reunited with - the L'Oréal True Match Foundation.


Kiehl's aren't a brand I have explored much and to find that this face moisturiser is their #1 product, my excitement went through the roof! It works to replenish skin hydration by drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. To me that is the most impressive sentence I have ever read about a face cream which makes me want to clear out their entire shelf of products (including that beautiful Midnight Recovery Concentrate that I'm certain is made by gods). The texture looks like it would a very rich and heavy face cream but it's the complete opposite. It's a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula that delivers some serious hydration all day long, even in the coldest temperatures and I can see this becoming a quick favourite during Winter.


Of course on my radar this Autumn is a matte vampy lippie - it's a classic for the season and can definitely be carried through to Winter for a bold look. 'Power Move' is an intense deep cherry shade that's extremely contrasting against my fair complexion (think Nancy from 'The Craft'). But when worn with a sultry eye it gives me major Lily Collins vibes and I am more than okay with that! It feels light, creamy and comfortable on the lips thanks to the addition of Vitamin E in the formula. I am totally surprised by how much I like this colour because it is way out of my comfort zone!


When the cooler seasons arrive (and the temperatures shrivel up my skin), that's when I whip out the eye masks for a more concentrated treatment under the eyes to re-firm and re-hydrate the area. Garnier's Ultra Hydrating Firming Eye Mask with Coconut + Hyaluronic Acid intensely re-plumps my under eyes and reduces the appearance of fine lines. I like to pop the mask in the fridge for about 30 minutes prior to application and you're left with an incredible cooling sensation that helps to revitalise and de-puff, and you also look like a superhero (for 15 minutes) once it's over your eyes which is quite fun. I thoroughly enjoyed using this and the end results had me looking less like a zombie and more like me. 


What I love most about this foundation is how light the formula is, the way it sits so nicely on the skin and the satin-matte finish (read my full review here). It contains an SPF of 17 so it's perfect for daytime and the coverage just enhances my complexion without looking mask-like. 90% of the time I reach for matte foundations because my oily skin simply cannot deal with a glowy one (I become an actual hot mess), but this particular foundation works beautifully during cooler seasons and it feels hydrating as well! It has easily made its way into my top 5 affordable foundations - it's just that good!


It was honestly a toss up between this toner and The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and it took me weeks to make up my mind (I know Pixi have their Glow Tonic that is extremely popular too!). The 3 key ingredients are Glycolic Acid (obviously) to refine the skin, Grapefruit Extract to rejuvenate, and lastly Aloe Vera to hydrate and sooth. As I have troublesome skin, I wanted to give acid a try in hopes it would help fade spots and improve the overall texture of my skin. It's a fairly new addition to my skincare routine so it's too early to know whether or not there's a noticeable difference, but fingers crossed!

What beauty products are on your radar this Autumn season?

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