Tuesday 30 October 2018

October Favourites

While most of you are getting into the spirit of Autumn and everything it entails, here in Victoria the weather has been warming up, the days are now longer with daylight savings kicking in earlier this month, and it has been feeling very much like Spring. October has whizzed by (which I guess is what happens when you're overly excited about the upcoming festive season), and I have another trio of products to share including a mix of hair, skin and makeup.


Judging by how dark the shade 'Sunkiss' looked in the pan, I was a tad scared to put it on my face because it's literally 20 times darker than my ghostly complexion. But the level of pigmentation isn't very high so it actually worked in my favour and it gave me a soft, warm glow that complemented my skin tone nicely. The texture of the powder itself is very soft and buttery (much like every L'Oréal powder I've used), and blends beautifully across the skin for a seamless finish. Although it is a matte bronzer, it isn't a flat matte so it still gives your complexion that healthy, natural looking tan with the way it just melts into the skin rather than sitting on top of it and looking powdery. Definitely a favourite in creating natural, warm springtime makeup looks.


Since rocking a shorter hairdo again, I have been on the hunt for a replacement of my beloved Shine Head Spray by Lee Stafford that no store stocks (I'm not even sure if the brands exists anymore!), but the good news is that I have found an exact dupe for it so I can finally blind people with my ridiculously shiny hair again (hallelujah!). What I love most about this product is that it's in an aerosol can which eliminates the entire process of having to get my hands dirty using oils and serums (that's just me being lazy I'll be honest), so in order for me to achieve a super sleek hair style it's as simple as misting and combing minus the mess. As I have fine hair, I do really need to spray this sparingly over my dry hair to avoid looking like a total grease ball, but the results are amazing! My hair looks healthy, shiny and leaves it feeling incredibly smooth without any residue or weighing it down. If you have frizzy or bleach blonde hair then I have no doubt that this will become your new bff! 


Earlier in the month a mammoth zit reared its ugly head directly above my lip which you can imagine how extremely unflattering and painful that would be, so I reached for a spot treatment that I knew would be effective yet gentle enough to use around my lip area. This multi-purpose herbal cream contains a bunch of natural bacteria fighting ingredients such as Green French Clay, Tea Tree and Echinacea (commonly used for cold and flu relief but does not stand a chance against acne!). I dabbed on a small amount over the pimple with a cotton bud twice daily and after a few days, it was significantly smaller in size and less angry. It truly does come to the rescue when your skin misbehaves.

What beauty bits have you discovered this October?

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