Tuesday 23 October 2018

His & Hers Beauty

I came across a couple of blog posts that were on the topic of men's beauty which then inspired me to do something slightly different by combining his and hers beauty. When I say 'his' I'm of course referring to my partner Kieren who over the years has grown quite fond of having a beauty routine of sorts (I won't take all the credit but I definitely played a part in that!). I bypassed multiple bottles of hair gels and beard oils in our en suite to find two products he loves and I sifted through my abnormal amount of beauty and makeup to discover a couple of gems worth featuring.

I am a hardcore fan of Lush and all of their wonderfulness so as I was browsing through their products and getting lost in sniffing bath bombs, I managed to snap out of it and come across this pot of goodness. I purchased it for Kieren on a whim because he likes to maintain his facial hair by sticking to a regiment of argan oil and keratin, so I thought this would be a fantastic addition to his routine. It's a creamy 2-in-1 wash infused with fresh pineapple juice and almond and jojoba oil. His attempts at sticking to a skincare routine have failed in the past, so I think why he likes this so much is because it's a multipurpose product that he can slap on in the shower and that's all there is to it. The tropical tartness of the pineapple wakes him up in the mornings and it does wonders for his skin and beard (he's already bought himself a back up!).


This has been Kieren's signature fragrance for many years (even before we started dating), so it's hard for him to stray from it. The top notes are bergamot and lemon; middle notes are star anise, olive blossom and guaiac wood; base notes are leather, tobacco and tonka bean. I really like the leathery, spiciness to this scent and to me it's quite unisex so I could totally get away with wearing it myself during the cooler months! I get a sophisticated, masculine elegance vibe to this fragrance and I can definitely see why it is such a big hit.


Gifted to me on my birthday, I am finally a proud owner of a MAC lipstick and it is everything I expected! 'Faux' is one of those shades I can wear at any time of the day, no matter the occasion or what makeup look I'm going for because it is such a gorgeous, wearable warm pink that always looks flattering. The creamy formula feels ultra comfy on the lips all day long and I just do not get tired of wearing this shade. I'm a sucker for neutral pink/mauve lip colours and I have more than I like to admit, but you seriously cannot go wrong with a good pink toned lippie - it's a makeup bag staple. 


I hate how much I love this eye serum because it is hella pricey (sets you back a whopping $115), but it truly is a beautiful product in every way. The applicator is made of surgical steel pearl polished with diamond powder (just a little bit fancy), and it feels incredibly cooling while you're applying it around the contours of your eyes. It works to de-puff the under eyes, so it's perfect for using first thing in the morning on tired eyes. The micro shimmery particles in the formula does a wonderful job at brightening the area for a more wide awake appearance, and it leaves your under eyes feeling much smoother and looking youthful. If it wasn't for the hefty price tag, I would purchase this again and again without hesitation! 


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