Friday 9 November 2018

How To Fake Your Way To Looking Fresh

Late night? Running on an hour of sleep? Sometimes life can get hectic and it definitely takes its toll on our skin and I am all too familiar with those purple/blue under eye circles, not to mention the breakouts and overall lackluster complexion (it's rough!). When time is simply not on our side to give our skin a much needed pick-me-up, this is where makeup swoops in to save the day by bringing our skin back to life. 

When achieving the ultimate fresh-faced 'I just woke up like this' look, lightweight, natural and dewy products are 100% the way to go to transform you from drab to fab and nobody will suspect that you stayed up way past your bedtime binging on Netflix, or sneaking in one too many after-work drinks at the bar with your best pals. Fake it 'till you make it right? 


The title says it all with its vitamin infused formula and it is my absolute go-to foundation for a more radiant complexion that still looks like skin. You can easily get medium coverage out of this if that's what you prefer but for me personally, I like to apply a light layer so it looks as natural as possible. The anti-fatigue effect comes from the skin loving ingredients of vitamins C, E and B5 that instantly provide you with a healthy glow. For those of you with an oily skin type, I would highly recommend mattifying your skin to death as it will become extra dewy/shiny throughout the day (it still looks incredible though!). A very beautiful foundation from the drugstore that'll hide your fatigued skin so you can look refreshed and awake, ready to take on the day.


Remember the mass amount of hype this concealer received all over the net? Well it's for a very good reason and to this day I still love it to absolute pieces. It has a nicely concentrated formula with the addition of goji berries which are high in Vitamin C so it acts as a treatment concealer for the under eyes. It's creamy yet lightweight and it brightens SO well that you'll fool everybody into thinking you had a well-rested, uninterrupted 8 hour sleep. I know many people cringe at the thought of using a sponge tip applicator, but I am totally unphased by it because I think it works beautifully to disperse the product despite it being "unhygienic".  The shade range is quite limited which is the downside when it comes to most drugstore makeup but if you can find your perfect shade that's lighter than your skin tone, then I think it's worth snatching one up.


We all know flushed cheeks is a sign of a fresh and youthful complexion which is why it's a step that mustn't be skipped. I love L'Oréal's blushes but one shade in particular that I gravitate towards the most is 'Rosy Cheeks'. The pink-coral really makes your cheeks pop and it adds the prettiest pearly sheen that looks so radiant on the skin. Cream blushes would also work a treat if you're going for a very minimal and dewy 'no-makeup' look (Stila do some lovely ones!), which is a nice alternative to powder formulas. It's truly amazing how much a single product can instantly liven your complexion.


I have been an avid user of this gorgeous baked powder for yonks and if you're on the hunt for a dupe of the cult-favourite Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, then this is it! I wear the shade 'Soft Focus' only over the areas I want to highlight instead of an all over face powder (it's an oily skin thing), but if you have a normal skin type then by all means dust it everywhere you please and you'll be left with a soft, subtle glow without the shimmer. It won't give you a matte or powdery finish at all - it just melts into the skin and it looks absolutely beautiful!


A good tinted lip balm will tie your whole look together but this isn't your ordinary lip balm. It reacts to the chemistry of your lips and revives them with a natural pink tint (in other words it's a colour adapting lip balm). The mango butter in the formula provides your pout with lasting hydration and leaves them with a subtle shine that looks extremely flattering. It's a good balance between makeup and lip care and I am always carrying it with me in my handbag because I am that obsessed. Of course you don't need to fork out $50 for a lip balm to give you that plump, healthy hue to your lips (a tinted lip balm of any kind would give you the same effect for a fraction of the cost), but if you are looking to splurge then you cannot go wrong with Dior!

How do you fake a fresh-faced look?

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