Thursday 15 November 2018

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

I feel like Maybelline have the largest variety of matte lipsticks than any other brand in all of the drugstore (not that I'm complaining because I do love a matte lip from time to time), so what makes their Matte Ink stand out from the rest? The ridiculous staying power of course! 

From the SuperStay line comes Matte Ink; a liquid lipstick that gives you a flawless matte finish available in 10 saturated shades ranging from nudes all the way through to vampy.

I've picked out 6 shades out of the range including one that is extremely out of my comfort zone ('Creator' which is a vibrant purple and purely for experimental purposes). I like how you can easily identify which shade you're after by the packaging alone and they're almost true to colour, so what you see is similar to what you'll get on your lips.

When it comes to liquid lipsticks I find that the deeper the shade the streakier it applies (in my experience anyway!), which unfortunately is the case with 'Escapist'. It has Autumn written all over it (deep burgundy) however, the application is quite patchy so you may need to apply a couple coats to achieve a flawless, opaque finish.

Speaking of opaque, 'Loyalist', 'Lover' and 'Dreamer' are beautifully pigmented and are definite favourites out of the bunch because if there's one thing I go weak for, it's a good neutral/pink toned lip colour. 'Pioneer' is one I can see myself grabbing when I'm in the mood to rock a pink based red on a night out, and it is very flattering against my fair skin.

From left to right: Creator, Dreamer, Pioneer, Escapist, Loyalist & Lover. 

I wasn't sure about the unique arrowhead applicator at first and it may take some getting used to, but I found the pointed tip really useful in creating a crisp outline of my lips. The formula smells of sweet vanilla and it applies so smoothly, but I would recommend thoroughly exfoliating prior and slathering on lip balm as it does tend to emphasize dry, flaky skin.

It is 100% matte and it'll stay put through every meal and beverage which is what we've always wanted in a lipstick, but with amazing staying power comes the all mighty challenge of removing it so bring everything you've got because it is hella stubborn!

Sadly there is a downside to these liquid lipsticks and I'm not sure if I can get passed it. The formula never completely dries down upon application, so you're left with a tacky finish all day long which may be a deal breaker for some (especially if you press your lips together), but apart from that they are still relatively comfortable to wear and not too drying either. 

If a matte, ultra long lasting lipstick is what you're after then I think the more neutral shades are the way to go as they had the best level of pigmentation without any sign of patchiness. And if you can overlook the tackiness then these babies will not let you down!

Are you a fan of the matte lip? What are some of your favourites?

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