Friday 28 September 2018

September Favourites

What a wonderfully warm start to Spring it has been here in Victoria! I wore my first dress in months and I busted out all of my springtime beauty essentials to really get into the spirit of the season. Speaking of beauty, I have a handful of new bits that I've been trying out during September that have knocked my socks right off!


With the weather warming up, I was looking for a face mist that I could spritz on-the-go to freshen up my skin throughout the day and it's like The Body Shop read my mind because this is exactly what I've been searching for and more! It's infused with mint, aloe vera, seaweed and kaolin clay to combat shine and refresh the skin with its cooling effect. The great thing about this product is it's non-comedogenic (won't block pores) and it's also makeup friendly, so it won't leave your makeup looking like a total hot mess which is what nightmares are made of. It helps to absorb excess oil but it doesn't suck the life out of my skin and leave it feeling dry and tight thanks to the wonderful hydrating effects of aloe vera and seaweed. 


Now with my hair significantly shorter in length, I have the motivation to style it but the heat protectant I was using made my hair feel like a cheap wig that I drenched in hair spray and I just had to ditch it. After reading such positive reviews about this particular heat protective spray and with how affordable Tresemmé's hair products are, I was onto a winner and it truly is amazing stuff! You can spray this directly onto damp or dry hair and it doesn't leave a tacky or crunchy residue behind or weight it down - hair still feels like hair even after using your heat styling tools and I am completely blown away! My hair smells great, feels smooth, looks healthy and it doesn't leave any product build up either. A serious must-buy!


There's nothing overly special or unique about this primer (most mattifying primers work the same way for me), but I still enjoy it nonetheless! The consistency is extremely liquidy and it feels like you're applying a serum to the skin so it is ultra lightweight. This is solely a mattifying primer so it won't help to camouflage enlarged pores, however it does keep my makeup matte for longer which is exactly what this oily skinned girl desperately needs! I really like how smooth and soft it leaves my skin feeling and foundation glides over the top with ease. Their Pore Refining Primer from the range is one that I was most disappointed with (the formula completely separated and it is virtually unusable), so I'm unsure why that is but I know I'm not the only one!   

How did you spend your September?

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  1. The tresseme heat protestant is amazing. It seriously saved my hair! Great post & love your blog!


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