Wednesday 14 June 2017

Brand Focus | Savvy by DB

You may have come across the Savvy stand in your local Priceline, but if you're unfamiliar with the brand here is a little background info: They are an Australian cosmetics brand who offer a wide range of budget-friendly products that cover everything from your base to lips and all things in between. I haven't seen a whole lot about them on the net, so I picked up a handful of their products to feature it today's brand focus just to give you an idea of what they are all about.


The mosaic pattern with the mix of pretty pastels really caught my eye so I HAD to give this one a try. These come in two shades - 'Brightening' (featured in this post) and 'Correcting' which is slightly more vibrant. The powder itself has a white-ish tone which makes it absolutely perfect for fairer complexions and works brilliantly as a highlighting product for under the eyes, nose, forehead and chin. It has the finest shimmery particles in the formula but it's barely visible so it doesn't make you glisten in the sunlight - it just has this subtle gleaming/brightening effect that looks truly lovely on the skin.


There isn't a ton of pigment in the contour shade, but that actually works in my favour because less is definitely more when it comes to contouring on lighter skin tones. It looks quite dark in the pan but don't let it intimidate you because it's much lighter. You can easily build up the intensity you desire and it surprisingly blends in really well considering how inexpensive this product is!  The highlight shade is nice - it doesn't blow me away but it does the job of giving you more of a natural glow.


After reading some positive reviews, I had high expectations for this one and it certainly met them! 'Lights, Camera' is a deep brown nude with amazing colour pay off (better than some bigger brands!) and it applies so smoothly over the lips. It claims to not budge and I completely agree so if you want a matte liquid lipstick that ticks all the boxes, I highly suggest trying this range! The only downside is the lack of shades to choose from, but they're only $8 so they're practically free!


First impressions: it looks very similar to the Wet n Wild Illuminating Powder (which I adore by the way!). You have a pearly white, soft pink and a champagne shade that swatch beautifully and look just as beautiful on the skin as well. All three are incredibly soft in texture with great pigmentation and they're not sparkly whatsoever - they have very fine shimmer that provides your skin with the most stunning glow that looks like something you would get from a higher end product. Totally blown away by the quality and I can see this becoming my new obsession!

Have you tried any products by Savvy?

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  1. Never heard of this brand! Need to try it

    xx Lisa |

  2. Savy DB is somewhat decent I do find that for the extra affordable makeup brands - essence & Elf have a lot more to offer but this brand does have some good stuff.


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