Monday 5 June 2017

Affordable Photo Styling Props

I am in no way an expert or a pro when it comes to photo styling (I'm still learning as I go), but what I do know is there are an array of inexpensive props (even things that you might already have lying around the house) that can instantly elevate and enhance the overall look of a photo. So today I wanted to share with you what I like to use to style my photos and hopefully it'll help you out the next time you're feeling uninspired.  


I recently picked up this grey tinted tray from Kmart (you'll be seeing a fair few props from them in this post). It's my go-to store for all my home decor needs, because they're always on trend and they don't break the bank. Not only does it look stylish and sophisticated as a centerpiece for your coffee table, but it's currently my favourite prop simply because I love the mirrored effect it gives when you sit your products on it. Believe it or not but this only cost me seven bucks which is an absolute steal!  


Another piece from Kmart is their boxed candle which has such a simple yet sleek design with the matte black and metallic text. Candles look great in photos (especially those lovely Diptyque ones that you see quite a lot), but this particular one is super affordable and definitely has that luxurious look to it. Once you've burned through it, you can even re-purpose it and use it to store your makeup brushes. Neat right?! 


Magazines are my most-used prop in my photos. They're easy to style and they make a big difference to your photo. I like to get the most out of it and use as many pages as I can to add colour, imagery or text. I even like to recycle earlier issues and flick through the pages until one stands out or complements my layout. Books also work quite well and are extremely effective in taking your photo to the next level.  


The marble design is pretty much everywhere you look but I'm not complaining! I bought myself a roll of marble printed adhesive and stuck it to a piece of cardboard to create a background for my photographs. Keeping with the marble theme, these circular grey, stone coasters (surprise, surprise also from Kmart) are great for adding some more of that marble finish and look very cute when styled with nail polish, lipstick or jewellery.


Ribbon and satin all make beautiful props in the way they add such an elegant touch to a photo. You can find off cuts at a craft store and they do the job nicely. I love my neutrals so a crisp white satin sheet and black ribbon really contrast each other and make the photo pop. You can also look through your wardrobe and find yourself clothing pieces/accessories (like a chunky knit or a scarf) to add that cozy, warm feeling to your photographs which is especially great for autumnal themed photographs.

What props do you like to use to style your photos?


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