Monday 26 December 2016

What's In My Party Clutch

The end of the year is near and what a year it has been! 2017 will soon be upon us so in preparation for the end of year parties, I'll be giving you a glimpse of what bits and pieces (besides my phone, keys and wallet) I will be carrying around with me in my party clutch.

I was rummaging through my face powders and a lot of them are kind of chunky in size which is not very ideal. Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25hr Powder is a great compact size that also comes with a mirror and a sponge applicator, so it's very handy and frees A LOT of space in your clutch for other essentials. What I love about this powder is that it adds a bit more coverage to your makeup and lasts incredibly well throughout the night. Face powder is an absolute must-have in any party bag for touching up and controlling shine, so we can look flawless all night long. 

Speaking of shine control, I don't go anywhere without my trusty blotting sheets as they are an oily skin girls best friend. I just pull out a sheet or two and pat it across my t-zone, and it instantly absorbs that unwanted oil that has risen to the surface without disturbing my makeup. I'm currently using the Models Prefer Blotting Tissues and they just work a treat, as well as the NYX ones!  

I like to carry a few of the Swisspers Dual Cosmetic Cotton Tips in my clutch just in case my eye makeup has smudged or flaked off during the night. The pointed tip really helps to get into the corners of your eyes and waterline without completely ruining all that effort you put into that perfect smokey eye. 

If my skin hasn't been good to me, I will take a long with me a full coverage concealer like the Stila Perfecting Concealer. It works great on those pesky zits that don't like to stay hidden, so I like to reapply as needed and top it off with some face powder to set it in place. You only need the smallest amount as a little goes a very long way, and you're ready to get back to the party!

Atomizers are fantastic when you want to take your favourite fragrance with you and make it more travel friendly. You can keep smelling wonderful all night long and it hardly takes up any space. Viktor & Rolf's Bon Bon is currently occupying my atomizer and this scent lasts quite a while on me. It's definitely not for everyone as it is VERY sweet but I personally love it and I always get compliments.

Thank goodness for bobby pins as they hold our hair style in place but as a precaution, I like to take a couple with me to pin away any hair that is not sitting right. You never know when you're going to need them, and you also get the occasional girl here and there who's having a hair dilemma and is need of some bobby pins.

If there's one thing frustrates me with makeup (besides winged eyeliner), it's got to be when your false eyelash begins to detach from the inner corners of your eyes. Which is why I've made a habit of ALWAYS throwing my Lavie Brush-on Lash Adhesive into my clutch. The brush applicator makes it super easy to apply and touch up when required, so it's a huge false lash savior of mine and it never gets messy! 

One thing that I simply cannot forget is the lipstick that I'll be wearing that night for touching up. I recently picked up the gorgeous Rimmel 15th Anniversary Collection by Kate in the shade '55' and it's such a lovely deep nude. The rose gold packaging is SO pretty as well and I thought to myself, 'yep, I am so wearing this on New Years Eve!'. 


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