Friday 17 January 2020

Stand Out Beauty From 2019

First thing's first, hello 2020! I hope your brand new year has been off to a wonderful start, and also welcome to my first blog post after a month-long break (fairly certain I'm still bloated from Christmas too). Every year these round-ups prove to be a difficult task when there are an abundance of amazing products on the market, but somehow I've managed to narrow it down to just six of my most-loved beauty from 2019.


Revlon seriously wowed me in 2019 because I started paying attention to their displays more than ever before (normally I wouldn't look twice), but it's like the brand came back to life and I was excited about their products again. One in particular that's been very well-loved by the beauty community is their Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation from their Photo Ready line. The coverage is light to begin with, however it can be built up whilst still looking natural on the skin and it's oil-free as well but still creamy and moisturising. An overall great foundation for daily wear, especially if you prefer a more natural base to your makeup. 


Although quite new-ish to my skincare routine, it was love at first use and totally worth the hefty price tag ($63 - eep!). This gel-like serum is enriched with Willowherb, Persian Silk Tree, Chestnut Seed Extract and Algae which all work together to brighten, smooth, mattify and blur imperfections. I have been using it religiously and I cannot get over how soft and radiant my complexion looks (it also works amazingly well under makeup!). Definitely has me wanting to try the rest of their Original Skin range.


ZoĆ« Foster Blake's skincare brand is hella cute and fun (not to mention cruelty-free), and a part from the crazy popular Face Hero this hand and nail cream was also on my to-try list. I got this mainly because my cuticles and nails can become dry and I wanted something that could double up as a hand cream as well (also because I ran out of my Soap & Glory Hand Food). It has been doing absolute wonders and I really like how deeply replenishing the formula is without the thick, greasy texture. The mild scent is lovely and the addition of lush butters and powerful anti-oxidants truly do make this a hand and nail saviour. 


On days where my skin is misbehaving, I bust out this bad boy to help fight those pesky zits and calm my skin. The green tint cancels out the redness in the skin and the blemish fighting blend of zinc, sulphur and kaolin clay aren't a miracle worker but they definitely do help. Even when I'm not wearing makeup, I like to slather this after my skincare regime and I can barely feel it on my face which is what makes this gel-lotion primer such a pleasure to use. I'm a huge fan of makeup containing skincare benefits (I wrote about a bunch of products like that here), so this one has earned its spot in my top six.


Not that I needed another perfume (is seven too many?), but I was bored of the fragrances I was wearing and ever since this British beaut entered my life I haven't worn anything else! The bottle 100% caught my eye with its pretty pink bow, tortoiseshell cap and gold lettering and just when I thought it couldn't get anymore beautiful, the scent sold me. It smells like Spring with the top notes being lemon and pomegranate; middle notes being rose petals, geranium and green apple; base notes being jasmine and wisteria. It's fresh, fruity (not sickly sweet) and floral all at the one time and it just puts you into a happy mood. A feminine, easy-to-wear daytime fragrance for the warmer seasons that'll get you compliments.


Originally I had picked out three different lippies by Revlon - their Vinyl Lip Polish, Glow Lip Oil and Blotted Lip Colour and I'd rotate between them (they've been killing it with their lip products!), but I found myself grabbing the latter more often. It reminds me of the cult-favourite NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams with the velvety suede matte finish, except minus the yummy scent. 'Blush Much?' is my ideal day-to-day warm nude shade and it is such a no-fuss lip product. The coconut oil, milk thistle and cotton seed oil work a treat to keep my lips feeling nourished and it is so incredibly weightless that you forget you're wearing a lip colour at all! 

What products were you adoring throughout 2019?

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