Thursday 24 October 2019

Makeup in a Flash

What do I look for in a full face palette? Neutral tones that are both flattering and wearable for day or night, which pretty much sums up Beauty Flash by Flower Beauty. I typically don't have the best experiences with drugstore all-in-one palettes (I usually find the overall quality to be underwhelming), but since I've had such good luck with their other products (I dedicated an entire post to the brand here) I'm hoping this palette will break that streak.

Once again the packaging is super cute and pretty but after opening it a bunch of times, the cardboard detached and I had to glue it back together (I read that this was a common issue with this particular palette). These things tend to happen with more affordable products so I wasn't surprised - disappointed, a little yes.

Let's talk about what's on the inside because that's what truly matters and if I were to create my ideal palette, it would look identical to this one. The shades are so far up my alley and it has everything I need for it to become a travel bag favourite.

In this versatile palette you'll find three eyeshadows, a golden bronzer, champagne highlighter and two blushes (soft mauve and peachy coral). The golden toned shimmery eyeshadow looks better in the pan than it does on the eyes - the brush doesn't pick up any product so pigmentation is definitely lacking. The two matte browns however are a big step up so two out of three ain't bad. 

The face shades have wowed me the most with their soft powders and satin finishes. The bronzer adds a lovely warmth to my complexion, both blushes look beautiful on the cheeks for a pop of colour and although the highlighter is quite subtle, I love how fine the texture is so it gives your skin a natural glow. 

It's a mighty shame about the shimmery golden eyeshadow because that could have added a pretty sparkle to your eye look, so instead you'd need to grab a separate product to achieve that. Almost an all round perfect palette, but you do get six other great shades to work with and the packaging does have flaws. 

Overall, it's a good all-in-one budget-friendly palette (quite possibly the best I've come across) but did it break the streak? In some ways it did. If you're somebody who doesn't wear much makeup then this will do a great job for creating a natural look for the day time to sultry for the nighttime in a flash. 

What's your favourite product by Flower Beauty?

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