Tuesday 15 October 2019

A Makeup Bag Makeover

For the past month we've been hit with waves of sunshine, warm temperatures and bees pollinating which is a clear indication that Spring is well and truly here. I have cleared out my Winter makeup bag and hit the refresh button for a full makeover. It's all about lightweight bases, glowing skin and little pops of colour including a mascara that I desperately wanted to love.


I have never really been wowed by a Revlon foundation until I came across this beauty. This gives my complexion a natural flawless finish and the coverage is buildable too. It feels like you're applying moisturiser to the skin - that's how creamy and lightweight the texture is. I love the skincare inspired formula and the fact that it's oil free, but most of all I love how fresh and youthful my complexion looks when I wear this. 


It's not often I wear eyeshadow (I'm just that lazy), but these little eye paints make wearing eyeshadow super easy, even on the laziest of makeup days. The doe foot applicator is absolutely saturated in pigment and the shade 'Irresistible Rose' gives my eye lids this shimmery rosy pink hue that looks SO pretty. It has a cool liquid-to-powder formula that glides on smoothly, blends seamlessly and it'll stay put until you want to remove it. One sweep across the lids is all you need and you're good to go!


'Strictly Chic' looks like a warm peach sunset and it is such a flattering shade on the cheeks (especially if you have fair skin like myself!). It instantly adds some warmth and colour back to my skin for a natural, flushed look. The powder itself is ultra smooth so it applies beautifully and can be built up too. The gradient effect is great because it adds a lovely multidimensional hue to the cheeks and it also contains micro shimmery particles for a little radiance. 


The "plumping" effect doesn't work (does it ever?) however, I do enjoy the light tingling sensation it gives my lips even if there are no visible signs of a fuller pout. I have been adoring 'Peony Buff' - it's just my ideal springtime shade with its soft pink tone that isn't too vibrant which makes it very wearable for day to day. The formula is in between a cream lipstick and gloss and it's incredibly comfortable and lightweight on the lips. I wouldn't recommend these if you are solely after a lip plumping product, but I think it makes up for it with its many other great qualities.


Because this mascara has the same concept with the multiple wands as my beloved Bourjois Twist Up The Volume, I was most excited to try this only to be let down. It's a 3-in-1 so you've got your lengthening wand, curling and then the volumizing which sounds amazing, but unfortunately neither wand did anything for my lashes besides coat them. It didn't lengthen, curl nor volumize - it left my lashes looking just as sad. I really wanted to like this, but it's a miss for me. Have you had a better experience with it?


Ah, the famous shade that is 'Kitten' and in a unique bouncy-to-the-touch, cream-to-powder formula (it truly is heaven!). It provides my skin with the most luminous shimmer that makes me want to shower in the stuff. You can apply as little or as much as your heart desires for a sheer, soft glow or next level radiance that can almost be seen from miles away. It has such a light texture to it and it looks just as beautiful on the skin as it does in the pan. I can totally see myself dusting this all over my body in Summer!


What products are currently in your makeup bag?

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