Sunday 21 April 2019

What's In My Makeup Bag | April

I personally love reading these types of blog posts and as nosy as it may sound, I like to see what kind of products others are carrying around in their trusty makeup kits. It hit me earlier in the month that I hadn't updated you guys on what's in my makeup bag this year (I know, how slack of me), but better late than never I say!


It's not often I am blown away by a mascara and I'm not going to lie, I thought this one was a massive gimmick and it would be a total miss but boy did it prove me wrong! What makes this so unique and unlike any mascara I've come across is the transformable 2-in-1 wand. Twist left and you'll get the lengthening and separating brush, you then twist right for the closed teeth brush which gives your lashes that intense volume boost. It has quite a wet formula so you can be left with spidery lashes if you aren't careful but the end results are amazing. It is everything I look for in a mascara with the way it separates and gives my sad, limp lashes a lasting curl and the fullness of falsies.


When I'm not wearing my beloved Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation during the day, I reach for this oldie but goodie by Rimmel. With the warm weather we're still having, I find this to be just what I want in terms of coverage and finish. I like how it evens out my skin tone and (almost) hides all of my imperfections whilst still looking naturally flawless. The consistency is so lightweight, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation at all and I really appreciate the addition of SPF 20 to protect my skin from the sun's harsh rays. I love the satin finish and the longevity is great considering it's not a complete matte foundation, so my oily skin definitely agrees with this one. 


I've kept my brow routine fairly simple by only using a single product - brow gel. So I thought it was time that I move on and explore some of the many pencils I have neglected. This ultra-fine pencil works to mimic the look of hair strokes for a natural finish and it takes little to no effort to achieve a much fuller, defined brow. On the other end you have a creamy highlighting stick to add a touch of glow along your brow bone to enhance the overall shape of your brows. I'm a big fan of 2-in-1 products (you'll notice that in this post), because they just make life easier so they are a makeup bag must-have for me.


My favourite thing is makeup that contains skin-loving ingredients and while this powder is infused with 100% pure Argan Oil, I am yet to see an visible improvements to my skin. But that's okay, because it's still a good powder regardless and I'd like to think it's benefiting my skin (even if I can't see it) compared to one that doesn't contain any skincare properties. A light dusting over my foundation helps to mattify it without looking too powdery and it feels super smooth on my skin. 


Speaking of Argan Oil, this UD primer is also infused with this nourishing ingredient as well as Vitamin E and Rosehip. It mattifies my skin leaving it feeling velvety and slightly powdery at the same time. My base is perfected whenever I use this in the way it reduces pore visibility and smooths over my fine lines and blemishes. It controls shine incredibly well and keeps my makeup looking flawless all day. It's pretty much Photoshop in a bottle.


Another example of a multi-purpose product I love using but I also like to wear this as an eyeshadow and highlighter so it's an amazing 4-in-1! This little compact in 'Rosy Glow' holds five beautiful shades that you can use individually or all together on the face. The rosy shades give my cheeks a pop of colour, the pale pink highlights my cheek bones and the two bronze tones add a lovely warmth to my complexion that also work brilliantly on the eyes which ties my entire look together. All of the shades have a soft glowy finish (minus the shimmer) that makes my skin look healthy and youthful.


I haven't been able to put this lipstick down - that's how much I love and adore it! 'Blush Me Baby' is one of those 'my lips but better' shades that looks so flattering against my skin tone and it goes with me everywhere (sorry MAC Faux, but I promise I'll return to you). The rich, glossy and hydrating formula remind me of YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine lippies except not so easy on the wallet. This lipstick is an absolute pleasure to use and I cannot see myself wearing another for a long while!


I rediscovered my love for this wonderful concealer a couple months back and I immediately remembered why there was so much hype revolving around it in the wide world of beauty. Not only does it help to camouflage my dark under eyes so I can at least pretend I've gotten an uninterrupted 8 hour sleep, it also brightens for a more fresh and youthful appearance to my skin. It's a concealer I have repurchased time and time again because it's just an overall beautiful product and hands down one of my all time favourites by the brand.

What products are you currently adoring?

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