Thursday 4 April 2019

5 Beauty Products That Practically Scream Autumn

Autumn is upon us and I am so ready for cozy knits, crackling fires and everything else in between that this wonderful season has to offer - just throw it all at me because I adore every bit of it! But as a beauty enthusiast, the few things that I associate with Autumn are the warm oranges and burgundy tones you find in eyeshadow palettes, mauve blushes and the smell of an aromatic-woody perfume. 


With a shade name like 'Rum Raisin', of course it's going to be a perfect Autumn colour and the swatch says it all! I hadn't tried their Super Lustrous Lipsticks until now and I am in love with the avocado oil and and Vitamin E formula - it's incredibly creamy and moisturising on the lips so it feels comfortable all day long. You can build up the colour quite easily depending on if you want a hint of colour or a more bold finish and it just glides on like a dream!


If a burning log fire and mulled wine had a colour, Spice Age would be it. It looks absolutely mesmerizing in the bottle with the orange shimmer swirling all throughout the formula but it looks even better on the nails, especially when the light hits them. It's definitely not your typical brown shade at all and it has become one of my most wearable autumnal nail colours. A part from the unique yet beautiful shade, I also really like that it's a gel formula so it's a lot more chip resistant and longer wearing compared to your standard nail polish. Sally Hansen have done a fantastic job with this range.


Obviously I had to incorporate a matte product somewhere in this autumnal themed post which is where this blush comes in. This creamy balm-to-powder cheek tint in 'Mauve Intrigue' adds a lovely purple-ish hue to the apples of your cheeks to really brighten up your complexion. The great thing about this formula is you can't overdo it and look like a total clown which makes it a much more wearable mauve for any time of the day. I was worried that it wouldn't blend and become a patchy mess, but it melted into the skin so beautifully for a seamless finish. 


I only just discovered this unisex fragrance last year and at first I wasn't sure if it was my cup of tea because it is VERY different to the usual scents I go for. After spritzing it a couple of times, it began to grow on me and has become my signature Autumn perfume. I normally despise the smell of incense (I'm pretty certain I still do), but combined with notes of grapefruit and patchouli, it is such a warm, sexy and musky scent. I am hooked! 


The Crimson Edition is 100% Autumn in a palette with its rich warm tones and the quality is actually amazing considering it's a drugstore palette, which we all know haven't had the best reputation. The shade selection reminds me a little of Urban Decay's drool-worthy Naked Cherry Palette and also their limited edition Backtalk Palette with those gorgeous soft berry and rose tones. There is a pop of colour in this Rimmel palette that's on the pink side of the scale and it looks a tad scary, but it's super wearable and makes for a great base shade. Each colour works beautifully together to create an Autumn inspired look for day or nighttime and the powders themselves are so smooth! A lot of the time with drugstore eyeshadow palettes you'll only find two matte shades whilst the rest are shimmers, but this particular one has an even amount of both and I am mighty impressed by the level of pigmentation - Rimmel have stepped up their game and it definitely deserves a place in your makeup stash.

What's your Autumn beauty staple?

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