Sunday 27 January 2019

Best Of Beauty 2018

Today I have my annual roundup of the best in beauty of 2018 (if you're a little bit curious you can find my Standout Products of 2017 here). These 6 products have not left my sight all year and have become a huge part of my skincare and makeup routines.


Believe it or not but this is the second MAC product I have ever owned (first being their Pro Longwear Concealer that was all the rave back in the day). And with their extensive range of gorgeous lipstick shades, 'Faux' was the lucky pick of the bunch. My favourite way to wear this muted mauve-pink is by simply dabbing it onto my lips for a subtle hint of colour when I'm going for a minimal makeup look. It is such an easy, fuss-free shade to wear that always looks flattering no matter what and I cannot get enough of it. Definitely worthy of a place in your lippie drawer. 


The beauty world went crazy once we found out a dupe of the cult favourite Better Than Sex Mascara was released, and I have kept reaching for L'Oréal's over Too Faced's every single time so that's saying something! It has an hourglass shaped wand that coats each individual lash very well giving them a heap of volume. However, too many coats can result in clumpy lashes and nobody wants that so as long as you wipe off the excess prior to application, you'll have super fluffy lashes. The staying power is great also and it never smudges or flakes on me so it has easily earned its way into my top 6.


I've been using this mask just about every week since it was gifted to me for my birthday and it's not your typical clay mask that sucks the life out of your skin; it's light and comfortable once it dries down so you aren't left with that tight feeling where you can't move your face. It detoxifies, purifies and clarifies the skin amazingly well which is exactly what my oily, acne-prone skin needs. The smell of rose is just lovely and not overpowering on the senses at all and my skin always feels so soft and smooth after use.

With the copious amounts of love this concealer has received by fellow makeup enthusiasts, it would be crazy of me to not feature it in this post because it has lived up to every expectation. It's honestly one of the best concealer formulas I've ever tried with its high coverage and flawless, creaseless finish that stays put all day long. It applies and blends like a dream over your under eyes and doesn't emphasize any fine lines, and it also does a fantastic job at covering blemishes without making them appear worse. It's a miracle in a pot!                    


If you caught my
Products I've Been Loving This Year So Far, it features a couple of these products I mention in this post including The Ordinary's Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% that I totally bought on a whim and I have repurchased it multiple times ever since (I literally cannot be without it). It has that silicone texture to the formula and it makes my skin feel ultra smooth. But the best thing about this gem is how well it mattifies and brightens my complexion. It's an absolute winner of a product and it has had a place in my daily skincare regimen all year long.


This has practically been living in my handbag because it's the perfect balance between makeup and lip care. It's essentially a colour adapting lip balm that gives my lips the prettiest pink hue formulated with mango butter (which smells and tastes yum!) to provide lasting hydration. Great for makeup days when I'm going for a light, fresh look and it's literally just pop on and go. It's hella pricey for a lip balm, but if you're looking to treat yourself to some luxury beauty then these are worth checking out - plus they come in a variety of shades and finishes to suit you.

What were your standout products of 2018?

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