Thursday 31 January 2019

Photo Diary | Mt Tamborine

If you've been following BlonDee's Beauty for a while, you would know I never do travel inspired blog posts and I asked myself "why not?". My love for beauty is very strong and it will always be my primary focus, but I have discovered a deeper love for photography in general and I want to incorporate that into the blog. I have been making a habit of taking my camera with me (almost) everywhere I go or I set aside a weekend, do some exploring and snap anything that tickles my fancy and at the moment it's mother nature.

I briefly mentioned in my Makeup I'm Taking On Holiday that I was spending the festive season in sunny Queensland, so we planned a family outing to Mount Tamborine.

The historic St Bernards Hotel sits at the top edge of the mountain and has the most breathtaking views which made it a prime location for lunch.

You can also have a relaxing stroll through their beautiful garden filled with lush greenery and blooming shrubs.

I didn't get the chance to bushwalk through the rainforests and see the waterfalls (which would have been spectacular), but there's always next time and I'll be sure to have my camera on hand too!

Have you explored Queensland? What are your favourite sights to see?

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