Monday 26 March 2018

The Models Own Supernatural Palette

When I first had a peek at these shades, it was pretty much Autumn in a palette which makes it the perfect time to whip this baby out! Rich golds, shimmery browns and sultry purple tones are what to expect with 'Supernatural' so here is an in depth look at this bewitching, Autumnal-esque eyeshadow palette.

I have to say, I don't quite get a supernatural vibe from this palette; I was expecting colours along the lines of smoky silvers and vampy hues and although there are a few in there (like 'Paranormal' and 'Curse'), it's giving me more of an autumnal feeling as opposed to an other-worldly look.

A few shades that really stood out to me are 'Spiritual' (shimmery taupe) and 'Phantom' (deep matte mauve), which really is no surprise because they are my top 5 go-to eyeshadow colours. Pairing both shades together along with some wispy false lashes creates a sexy, sultry evening look that will definitely get you compliments!

Top to bottom: Phenomenon, Curse, Phantom, Eternal, Mystic, Mythical, Spiritual, Celestial, Mystery & Paranormal.

I think the shade selection is pretty good and you can easily create a tonne of different looks for whatever you're in the mood for however, I found the palette to be a little underwhelming. Like I said earlier, I'm just not getting the supernatural vibe because a lot of the colours are very much on the neutral side and I feel like it would meet the brief if they were replaced with a matte black, silvers, greys, and a rich maroon to truly capture that essence. 

You get a total of 10 lovely shades in this palette with a large mirror included which is always handy for on-the-go. The metallic shimmers are intensified when applied with a wet brush however, some shades can be little hard to blend and also not as pigmented as I had hoped. The overall quality is above average but nothing mind blowing, so I think this would make for an amazing gift for anyone who is interested in having a play with makeup and compared to some other eyeshadow palettes you can find at the drugstore, these aren't bad at all! 

What are your Models Own favourites?



  1. That eye shadow palette looks absolutely gorgeous! Models own is such a awesome brand and I've loved everything I've tried from them!

    1. Their eyeshadows are so dreamy! Keen to try out more of their other products :)


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