Tuesday 13 March 2018

Beauty Samples I'd Happily Buy Full Sizes Of

Samples are an awesome way to get a feel of a product without spending a cent, so you can decide whether or not it's worth purchasing the full size (especially if they're on the pricey side!). What I have today is a handful of deluxe sized beauty samples that I have trialed a fair amount of times to know that I would gladly include them in my beauty routines. 


The way this moisturizer instantly softens my skin has made me really fall in love with the brand! It states that it's an intensely hydrating product so I was a tad concerned that it may be too creamy and heavy for my liking (I have frustratingly oily skin), but it was the total opposite; it's a lightweight gel-cream formula and my skin drank it up so quickly, leaving it feeling well nourished, refreshed and extremely smooth (without any residue). I really like the addition of natural ingredients in this moisturizer like grape and chamomile for their soothing and hydrating properties, so this is an absolute winner for me!


It's not often I'm wowed by hair products and I know I am several years late to the party, but this hair oil is life. Lately I've been using this on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends and it completely transforms my hair! It detangles, looks shinier, feels smoother and overall it just looks a lot healthier. I can see why this is a staple in everyone's hair care routine because it's pretty amazing and I don't know what I'd do without it. This argan oil treatment will definitely be getting a lot of love come Winter when my hair is looking and feeling severely lackluster.


Last year I discovered my love for Colourpop and their gorgeous drool worthy makeup. Along with my order came an adorable little sample of 'Dopey' which is a beautiful deep mauve shade against my skin tone (perfect for Autumn!), and I cannot get over how dreamy this applies over the lips! The texture is SO soft, comfortable and feather light, and the level of pigmentation is fantastic (no patchiness whatsoever). Although it isn't entirely transfer proof, it still wears quite well throughout the day and I'm a big fan of the satin-matte finish. I will say that thoroughly exfoliating your lips prior to application is a MUST as it will cling to any dry, flaky skin (believe me it wasn't a good look!), but for the price and quality this truly is a lovely liquid lippie.


This was also a wonderful surprise in the 2017 Look Fantastic Advent Calendar and it is THE most luxurious toner I've ever held in my hands. It's inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the world's first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. If that didn't just blow your mind then I don't know what will! The mist is so incredibly fine, you almost cannot feel it on your face and it feels uber refreshing on the skin. Orange blossom, sage, rose, neroli and apple help to purify and provide long lasting hydration to the skin. It's an absolute joy to use and it's great for spritzing whenever your skin is in need of a pick me up or a hydration boost. I truly think it's worth the hefty price tag and if there's one thing I would say your hard earned money should go towards, it's good quality skincare. 

What are your thoughts on these beauty products?   

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