Thursday 2 July 2020

Shimmer and Glow with Bali Body

The following products have been kindly gifted.

Currently being in the heart of Winter, it's now more than ever that my skin is in desperate need of a glow boost. That's where Bali Body's range of shimmering, golden and dewy products come into play to bring some of that Summer holiday glow back.

I've used body shimmers in the past but they never really last on the skin - instead they stick to your clothes or fade away so I gave up on them. The good news is that this particular one does neither (which is surprising being an oil formula), and it works extremely well! It is quite liquidy but blends into the skin nicely for a streak-free golden sheen and it smells deliciously of coconut. Also contains grape seed and jojoba oils to hydrate the skin and it's not a heavy oil whatsoever which I very much appreciate. Once it's on, it won't budge or transfer and you'll be glistening in the light. Amazing for nights out or applying over your tan for that ultimate bronzed goddess look. 


BB creams are one of my go-to products for the daytime with how they freshen and brighten up my complexion in the most natural looking way. It's super lightweight in texture so it feels like I'm not wearing a thing and it dries down nicely without leaving a sticky/greasy residue behind. Although the coverage is very light, it can be built up over any areas you need it most. I love that it doesn't apply streaky or ball up when using your fingertips, and it is also enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as green tea and hyaluronic acid. My skin is left looking glowy  (maybe a little too much by the end of the day - cons of having oily skin), and well hydrated too. All in all, a lovely BB cream that I can see myself reaching for a ton! 

Are you a fan of body shimmers or BB creams?

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