Friday 22 May 2020

Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color

The sweet packaging of these lip colours 100% sucked me in (can you blame me?!) but when the inside of a product matches the outside, it is a great day in the wide world of makeup. 

Revlon's Blotted Lip Colors come in a variety of flattering shades from the vibrant 'Pink Marshmallow' to the 90's inspired 'Whipped Hazelnut' and 'Berry Soft' for your vampy nighttime look. As delicious as they sound they definitely don't smell like it, however they are enriched with a few skin-loving ingredients.

Milk thistle, coconut oil and cotton seed oil nourish and smooth lips so they don't feel uncomfortably dry throughout the day. The airy weightless texture feels like you're wearing nothing at all and the velvety suede finish totally reminds me of the ever popular NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

A couple standout shades for me are 'Blush Much?' (one of those super wearable nudes), 'Airy Scarlet' (a reddish orange that makes my blue eyes pop!) and 'Spun Sugar' that's also a beautiful no-fuss colour to just slap on and go. 

The formula is quite sheer to begin with (hence the blotted title) to create that soft diffused lip effect, or you can build it up to a more opaque finish - it's an either or situation. 

I think they're a great day to day lip product and for a matte finish it actually fades nicely, unlike some others that can have you looking like a flaky hot mess. I always have at least one shade tucked away in my makeup bag - they're just so effortless and the lightweight, nourishing formula is an absolute winner!

What are your thoughts on this range?


  1. Whoaa, the whole exterior itself is SO dead prettyyy to look at, and it's even better when you say that the inside resembled the outside squee❤�� I'm definitely looking for this one straight away!

  2. These look gorgeous! I've been wanting to try them too.


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