Thursday 28 February 2019

The Mecca Max Desert Queen Eyeshadow Palette

First came Beauty Queen (which was love at first sight), now comes Desert Queen fit for a Summer goddess with its sunset-inspired shades. The first two words that come to mind when describing this eye-catching palette are lavish and dreamy, so it's no wonder why it is such a big hit with fellow makeup enthusiasts. 

Just like their first palette, this one also contains 15 stunning shades in generous sized pans with a large mirror to go along with it. The colour selection revolves around desert nights and Summer sunsets with metallic marbles, pretty shimmers and mattes including a vibrant violet shade for a bit of fun.    

The marbling through the shades is so beautiful and mesmerizing, which makes it really hard to use without completely ruining what looks like a work of art (I feel like I should've bought one to play with and one to sit pretty). But that would be silly, so you bet I dipped my fingers and swirled my brushes into these warm tones to get a feel of the overall quality and level of pigmentation.


Each shade is an absolute joy to use with its blendable and highly pigmented formula. You have a couple matte base shades to work with and a ton of shimmers/metallics to build up an ultra glam look. The golden colours work amazingly well to create a super bronzed look for the summertime or even a simple natural look for the day time. You can also use those gorgeous shimmer shades on your face for a blinding glow, so the possibilities with this eye and face palette are endless! 

Fantastic value for money (only $38!) and if you missed out on Beauty Queen, I highly recommend Desert Queen as it is more versatile. It is limited edition so be sure to snap one up while you can!

What are your favourites by Mecca Max?


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