Wednesday 17 August 2016

The Artis Dupe | eBay Oval Brushes

Oval brushes are the 'it' tool right now and after seeing so much hype by the beauty community over these eBay Oval Brushes, I thought it was time that I give them a try for myself and share my thoughts on them with you.


The brushes look quite sleek with the reflective rose gold and matte black handle which is very on trend right now, so they definitely have that expensive look. They are quite lightweight but they don't feel like they're about to fall apart in your hands so I'd say they're put together surprisingly well. As for the bristles, you wouldn't believe how incredibly soft and dense they are. When I gave them a thorough clean, the bristles weren't shedding at all so it's a good sign so far.


I used the larger brush to apply my liquid foundation and it buffed into my skin flawlessly with ease. Setting your face with either loose or pressed powder is so effortless and it works extremely well to my surprise. I think the second largest oval brush is a great size for applying blush and bronzer to the skin and again, it blends beautifully. #6 does a great job at contouring with a cream product and concealing under the eyes to camouflage any darkness. The slimmer brush is meant for using as an eyeshadow, brow and eyeliner but I found it to be a tad awkward and you don't have much control although, I do like to use it as a nose contour instead! I honestly wouldn't use #2 to apply a lip product or eyeshadow because I don't find it very practical but, it definitely works well to spot conceal any breakouts or other imperfections.  

Overall, I personally think these are fantastic brushes for around the $10 mark for a set of 5. The larger face brushes do an amazing job at applying liquid and dry makeup products to the face without looking streaky, and they just blend so flawlessly. I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the bristles and how they didn't shed. I adore the handle colours; the matte black against the metallic rose gold is so trendy and gives a more high-end look to them. 

I don't own the Artis brushes because quite frankly, I have more important things to spend that kind of money on so I cannot compare the two for you, but they are certainly similar and they're more than good enough for me! So if you're lusting over the Artis brushes but simply aren't too thrilled about the price, I definitely suggest giving these eBay oval brushes a try. I was very surprised by the quality and I was not left disappointed!   

Have you tried the eBay oval brushes? Would love to know what you think of them!

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